I cannot speak highly enough of Marie and the coaching she offers. 12 weeks ago I felt lost, overwhelmed, withdrawn and I barely recognised the person I had become. Fast forward 12 weeks with one of Marie’s mindset courses just completed and I am like a whole new me! Even better than the one I’d lost too! This was my first ever coaching and I was so nervous about doing this course, but Marie is understanding, kind, informative and overall, very very good at her job. She has taught so much about myself and also how to continue thriving. I can’t wait to see where the rest of my journey takes me. Thank you again Marie, you’re a star!!

I would definitely 100% recommend Marie as a mindset coach to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. Be that in a work or lifestyle. I was a bit dubious at first but can honestly say that she has added value in more than one area of my life. So much so that I joined a second course of hers after seeing such a positive impact with the first.

… I love the way the course helps you no matter what you need help with.. whether it’s your work life, relationship, family life, health and wellbeing, etc., it will get you taking action and improving your life…

I started my life coaching with Marie with what I thought were my life goals whilst working night shift in a dead end supermarket job but within only a couple of sessions with her, she helped me to realise that I had so much more potential and I took the leap to quit my job and start up my own business doing what I truly love.


If it wasn’t for Marie then I would still be working in a job I hate and wandering why I felt uninspired and bored all the time.

Marie didn’t tell me what I should be doing, just made me think about the things I really enjoy and I quickly realised that my original life goals were to keep me safe with a job to pay bills rather than living the life I really want.

Marie is so kind and friendly yet professional, I would recommend her to anyone.

Thank you, Dani x

…For me the biggest thing is that my dreams have become achievable…

Literally dreams are becoming reality…

…a life changing process that has helped me to have clarity and make positive changes to my behaviours; both of which have a dramatic effect on how I live now and in the future. It actually makes you love yourself more simply because it makes you a better person!

Over the last three months I have learnt to break things down, work through each challenge and get real clarity on myself and my goals. I did not see or believe the possibilities before. Coaching has profoundly changed my general everyday outlook on life and the cup is now half full, not half empty. Marie, you have been so amazing and supportive, thank you.

When I sat down with you 6 months ago I was pretty happy with life just plodding along and I didn’t really think of areas that could be improved and what a difference that would make. I am so glad and grateful for the help and support you have given me.


I am more centered / self-assured (hopefully not arrogant!), my business has greatly improved due to my increased confidence and my ability to put myself out there now. I am not letting things hold me back or put me down – the world is my oyster thanks to you!