Want to learn how to finally make the impact you always knew you could?
What if you could free yourself from your self sabotaging behaviours?
Do you feel like you’re just on a hamster wheel, not making any progress?
Do you want to live to your full potential?

Then you would benefit from having a coach!

I’m excited you’re here. It means you’re ready to switch something, maybe everything, up. Or grow. In my time I’ve come to appreciate exactly how important a growth mindset is. It’s everything.

The truth in the saying “If you’re not growing, you’re dying” really hit me when I first heard it, and whilst I’ve not always been this way, that’s a saying I 100% live by now. Essentially, you need the services of the coach if you’re to tackle the “tough stuff” effectively and plan for the achievement of the “great stuff”.

Perhaps you want to feel more confident, ready, excited, enlightened or maybe you’re curious to see what you can REALLY do?


What is a Life Coach?

Life coaching acknowledges where some people hold themselves back and by becoming self-aware and creating new beliefs, growth and development can happen in the most astounding ways. Imagine a relationship where the aim is to listen to and focus only on YOU, on your goals and dreams in life, on what will help you achieve those.

This solution-focused approach to personal development can help to make profoundly positive and lasting changes in all areas of a person’s life. Don’t get me wrong, some people are happy plodding along through life and not getting out of their comfort zone, but I guess that’s not you, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this, right?

Sometimes we need to have someone to keep us accountable, to help us see the wood from the trees, get the most out of life or someone just to push us to do more than we would do on our own.

Unlike counselling or therapy, coaching focuses on the present, helping bring about positive and empowering changes in your beliefs and behaviours in order to facilitate a more exciting, fulfilling and rewarding future. Life coaching embraces the principle that the past does not dictate the future. In conclusion, life coaching is a powerful and unique form of human motivation, creating awareness and discipline to focus on action in the here and now for the future.

Our Process


Initially we look at 8 areas of your life and decide which is the most important to you. You might be surprised how changing one can affect all the others, but we get the ball rolling from session one by focusing on your key areas. The concepts and ideas shared over our 13 sessions are truly eye-opening for my clients. I thoroughly enjoy sharing this life transforming information, seeing my clients realise what they can truly achieve in such a short period of time and arm them with tools for LIFE.

Who do we work with?

With my corporate background and qualifications in the health industry, I tend to find a lot of my clients are ladies who would like to work on their health and wellness, their career and business or finding their purpose. I don’t limit myself in my clientele, HOWEVER, I only work with those ready to do the work on themselves!


Please note that I am currently only booking in 3 month courses (13 weekly sessions) until 3rd July 2019 because I am preparing for maternity leave commencing in October 2019.

There is limited availability for these courses so contact me today to avoid disappointment!

Normal services will resume in early 2020.