I felt there was more to life, so why wasn’t I doing something about it?

I was on the hamster wheel, spinning and spinning and making no progress! I took ‘opportunities’ I didn’t really want because I felt that’s what I ought to do. It was expected, it would be ‘silly’ not to give it ago.

It’s only when my values and the new managements values clearly were not going to align did I have to surrender. Even then, I looked at and applied for other traditional jobs, I was ready to ‘start again’ and have a lower wage, but that’s not what I REALLY wanted.

So how did I end up becoming a life coach?

I’d been avoiding the obvious for long enough to know that I really wanted to work for myself. I always had. At an earlier stage when I was unhappy in my job, I became a qualified Personal Trainer, but there was something about it that was not working for me. I love my health and fitness, but instilling that into other people was a different thing. Their minds needed changing. I believed in my clients and their potential, but why wouldn’t they believe in themselves?

I had been there though. I once worked 12/13 hour days and still hadn’t finished at work. I literally collapsed at home to eat a ton of rubbish, sleep and then do it all again. I was miserable. I hadn’t got time to look after myself or have my own interests, I had SO MUCH WORK. I needed my sleep.

Then what happened?

I changed my mind. I had to. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. So I know how changing your mind could change your life.

Becoming a Personal Trainer amongst other things, led me to a few other problems. How was I going to jump from a wage to making enough to sustain my business and pay the bills? I tried working around my existing job, but people’s commitment to health just didn’t appear to be there. Not only that, but the corporate job became more demanding of my time and my mind, making it increasingly difficult. Then before I knew it, I got pulled back in. Another job title, more responsibilities. Until, after 9 years, I couldn’t do it anymore.

What I’ve learnt in my time in both businesses has been invaluable though. I’ve discovered the importance and life changing benefits of prioritising your health. You have to get uncomfortable to grow. Personal Development is essential to life (IMO). I love helping people, I love doing a fantastic job. I go out of my way to support people where I can and I have spent many hours with colleagues and friends building them up, making them plans to move forward – writing CVs, building beliefs and making business plans. I love learning and I love teaching so I share knowledge wherever I can on relevant topics. I realised it wasn’t just one thing, it was… All. The. Things. Combined.

So when one of my old colleagues said, ‘you should be a life coach’ it was a massive moment for me. How had I not figured it out sooner?! I was already ‘coaching’, which I loved doing! It’s the key to all the things I want to help my clients discover like I had.

That’s when I realised, it WAS my business… And then I trained and started coaching as soon as I could and haven’t looked back! Now, I have another challenge to overcome and enjoy, as we are excited to be expecting our first baby in October 2019.

Marie Daines

What does that mean?

Apart from the fact that I’m getting rounder by the day, it also mean that you can benefit from 50% discount on my 3 month coaching course. But it also means in order to prepare for my time off, I’m only booking up until 3oth June 2019!

Get in touch and we’ll get to changing your life.