100% Money-Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

We want customers who are delighted with our services! If you feel for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied, we don’t want to take your money.

We love helping people and believe in fair-exchange, therefore, we have both a cancellation policy and a 100% money-back guarantee.

However, please only move forward with enrollment if you are ready and willing to take action!


We recognize that your decision to enroll in this life coaching programme is an important step and we don’t expect you to take it lightly.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional service offering, however, we appreciate that once you have enrolled then you might decide the programme is not for you. To ensure complete piece of mind, we respect your right to cancel and obtain a full refund within 30 calendar days of you completing the enrollment process. We will agree to a full refund of any amount that you have paid, whether paid upfront or session by session.

If you decide to not continue after the 30 day period has expired, we do offer a 100% money-back guarantee which, subject to reasonable proof of implementation of the 100% money-back guarantee which, subject to reasonable proof of implementation of the recommended tools and homework over the coaching period, we are more than happy to honour.


Should you decide to cancel your enrollment within the initial 30-day period you will need to notify us, by email, before the expiry of that period.

Should you wish to discontinue our services after that time period, please email the relevant information as soon as possible.


Subject to any conditions above, we will endeavor to process your refund within 7 working days of receiving the request.